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World Environment Day

World Environment Day

World Environment Day called as WED is celebrated on 5th June every year to protect our nature. It was started as an annual event since 1973 with a specific theme “Only One Earth” to insist the importance of green and healthy environment in order to solve the upcoming environmental issues. It is essential to create the global awareness among people as it is a responsibility of every human being to keep the earth healthy and greeny to save the world from threatening environmental issues. It is not possible by a government or organization or social welfare associations to work on these environmental issues without the support of every individual.

It was first established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. The United Nations and the UNEP called as United Nations Environment Programme conducted a Human Environment conference in June 1972. They made it as a theme based conference and started celebrating World Environment Day with a specific theme for every year. The main motto is to create a public awareness about the environmental issues. This celebration not only creates public awareness but also motivate people to take preventive and safety measures for issues that affect our environment.

Every year World Environment Day is celebrated with a specific theme and the theme of the year 2016 is “Go wild for life”. The theme is set by the United Nations to drive and encourage people to work on the focused theme all over the world. Many people especially teenage and youth take part actively in tree plantation, garbage recycling, surroundings and street cleaning activities. Students also go for street rallies with banners insisting quotes and slogans to save the nature.

Nature has given us many things to live happily but let’s think what we have done to save our nature. It is the sole responsibility of every individual to save our nature to save our planet. Let’s not steal nature and its beauty, instead let us make the world look more beautiful by saving our nature. Plant more trees and save our Earth.

Spread the urge and need to save our planet in order to leave a healthy green environment for our grand children.

Save nature and save our future generation.

Happy Environment Day!

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