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Friendship Day

Friendship Day

Friendship day is a time of joy and celebration. Friendship day is celebrated every year on first Sunday of August. In 1935, United States of America thought of dedicating a day to honor friendship and that’s how friendship day celebration was born. Later it gained popularity and now Friendship day is celebrated in many countries. This day is dedicated to friends to share their time and love for them. It’s the perfect day to show your friends how much you love them and how much they are needed in your life. On this day, friends plan for get together and exchange their gifts like friendship day wrist bands, greeting cards, momentums and so on. This celebration helps friends to share how special they are in your life and also the importance of their friendship in your life.

A good friend will be able to find what’s in your mind even before you say it in words. He will be a person who thoroughly understands you without judging you. A good friend will support you to come out of your problems without judging or criticizing you. A friend is the only person who stands on your side though the whole universe is standing against you. A good friend will believe you even if you fail to believe yourself. Though people loose the trust on you and even if you say I am fit for nothing, a friend will say don’t worry I am with you and I believe you will be able to succeed in life. A friend will lend you hand and bring you back when you have miserably fallen down in life. A friend will accept you the way you are. That’s the power of friendship. A friend is a person who makes life more meaningful and colorful.

Stay happy and enjoy with your friends.

Wish you all Happy Friendship Day.