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Family Day

Family Day

International Year of Families was proclaimed on the year 1994. The International Day of Families held on 15thMay every year. International Day of Families promotes the importance of a healthy and well-balanced family. The International Day of Families is a global observance and not a public holiday. Make every day as a Family Day in your home!

About Family Day

The year 1994 was proclaimed as the International Year of Families by the United Nations. This was a main response to changing social and economic structures, which have affected and still affecting the structure and stability of family units in many regions around the world. The International Day of Families, on May 15, is an occasion to reflect on the work started during 1994 and to celebrate the importance of families, people, societies and cultures around the world. It has been held every year since 1995. The symbol of the International Family Day consists of a solid green circle with an image in red. The image consists, simple drawings of a heart and a house, which indicates that families are the center of society and provides a stable and supporting home for people of all ages in the world.

Parents and Families

World drugs and Abuse problems are not going to be solved in courtrooms or legislative hearing rooms by judges and politicians. It will be solved in living rooms and dining rooms by parents and family members. – Author Unknown

Family Day has developed and expanded to reflect how important it is to connect with your kids at various times throughout the day including while taking your beloved kids to skating practice, telling bed time stories and singing lullabies to little ones in bed. Having frequent family dinners, family outings and making family tours in vacation holidays which builds and strengthen the family with kids.

These every day activities have a long-lasting effect on your children. Each of these moments offers an opportunity to communicate with your beloved kids and to listen, realize, actually what’s on their mind.

As children age, it is very important to keep those lines of communication open, especially during teenage years, when they are at risk of engaging in risky behaviors, which includes smoking, drinking or using other drugs.

• Adolescent age is the critical period for the beginning of risky substance use and its consequences.

• Before the age of 18, Nine out of ten Americans who meet the medical criteria for the addiction, started drinking, smoking or using other drugs.

• Addiction is a disease that in most cases which begins in adolescent age, so preventing or delaying teens from using nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs for as long as possible is crucial to their health and safety. While there are no silver bullets – addiction can strike any family regardless of society, wealth, age or gender – parental engagement can be a simple and very effective tool, which helps you to prevent your beloved kids from drugs and abuse.

Make every day as a Family Day in your home!

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